How Do You Find and Motivate Good Sales People?

It is difficult to find good sales people. Quite often, this has to do with not being able to differentiate between individuals who are “good at sales” and individuals who are “good sales people”. This may sound like a play on words but there is a difference. People who are “good at sales” communicate the […]

Why Is Accounting Better With An Expert?

Technology has afforded the small business owner many ways of streamlining their day to day operations. One of the most helpful technological advances is financial software. QuickBooks, for example, provides an excellent platform for business owners to track their financial information however, there is a pitfall! While it’s fairly easy to learn the mechanics of […]

Is There A Best Time To Network?

I have been networking for a very long time. In fact, most of my daily business activities consist of nothing but networking. Since my main responsibility is to develop new business, it is important for me to surround myself with like minded individuals who are also looking to develop strong, referral-based relationships with strategic business […]

Effective Communication in Today’s Business Environment

In today’s busy, fast paced business environment, people are used to instant results. This carries over into the way we communicate with each other. Instant communication manifests into instant satisfaction through texts and emails. But, today’s modern technologies tend to lend themselves to short, quick communication which doesn’t always include everything you want to convey […]

Givers Gain

It’s said that you never have to worry about being without when you focus on giving to others. Take the focus off yourself and be of service to those around you. It’s a simple concept but do most of us do this on a regular basis? Dr. Ivan Misner, the Founder and Chairman of BNI, […]

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