Practical Approach to Budgeting

Why is budgeting important? It takes a company’s goals and organizes into a way to systematically and objectively measure the financial performance and expectation throughout the year. It compares an expectation (budget) to actual performance to generate questions. Answers lead to better planning and running a tighter ship. Click to view the presentation. Practical Approach […]

January 2019 Compliance Reminders

Here is a short and simple list of reminders related to January 2019 filing deadlines.  Most of you are probably aware of these deadlines but it never hurts to reinforce in order to avoid penalties for non-compliance.  The examples below, especially those related to 1099-MISC are not all inclusive, but rather the most common transacts […]

What Can An Outside Controller Do For My Small Business?

Note: This article is a two-part series where part one will focus on ways an outside controller can bring more accuracy and consistency to the financial reporting process while part two will describe examples to improve decision making and getting more insights from financial information. Part One – Accuracy & Consistency (Daily Brushing & Flossing) […]

Core Financial Outsourcing Expands Into Chicago

WARRINGTON, PA. — July 2, 2018 – Core Financial Outsourcing Inc. announced today that it is expanding its geographic footprint by opening an office in Chicago, IL.  Similar to the Philadelphia practice, the Chicago team will provide on-site and virtual bookkeeping, accounting, controllership, tax consulting and other advisory services to small and medium sized businesses, […]

How Do You Find and Motivate Good Sales People?

It is difficult to find good sales people. Quite often, this has to do with not being able to differentiate between individuals who are “good at sales” and individuals who are “good sales people”. This may sound like a play on words but there is a difference. People who are “good at sales” communicate the […]

Why Is Accounting Better With An Expert?

Technology has afforded the small business owner many ways of streamlining their day to day operations. One of the most helpful technological advances is financial software. QuickBooks, for example, provides an excellent platform for business owners to track their financial information however, there is a pitfall! While it’s fairly easy to learn the mechanics of […]

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