Internal Controls for Nonprofit Organizations

Fraud occurs in nonprofits all too frequently. Strong internal controls, no matter how big or small an organization may be, are the best way to protect an entity from being the victim of fraud. Internal controls are policies and procedures that protect the assets of an organization and create reliable financial reporting. They are always […]

The Missing Link

I’ve always said that small business owners are the hardest working individuals I know. Growing up, my Dad was a perfect example of just how much time, effort, sweat and money went into owning your own business. So, I know now that it was no mistake that I ended up working as a Small Business […]

Freezing Your Credit – What Every Person Should Do To Protect Their Credit

With Equifax recent security breech which resulted in names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses and drivers’ license numbers being stolen, it’s important to take steps to protect your credit. The stolen information can potentially be used to open credit cards, bank accounts, auto loans and create fake driver licenses in your name. Even more […]

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