Accounting and Bookkeeping Services Built for Your Retail Business

Concentrate on growing your retail business with the help of Core Financial’s bookkeeping and accounting experts. We’ll provide you with accurate financial information when you need it most.  
  • Multi-store management
  • Point-of-sale system integration
  • Inventory management
  • Payroll
  • Revenue and expense management
  • Overhead expense containment
  • Cost control

What we do for our clients

Core’s Bookkeepers and Accountants Know Retail

Are you stressed trying to keep up with your bookkeeping and accounting? Are you tired of dealing with bookkeepers and accountants who know nothing about the retail industry? 

When you partner with Core Financial, you can set aside the burden of accounting and bookkeeping and focus on your retail business.


Save Time and Money with Core

Core understands that your point-of-sale system must be reflected in your financial system. That’s why we provide you with a conventional profit and loss statement to generate reports that concentrate on same-store sales and costs, revenues and costs per product line, overhead expenditure containment, and more.

Since inventory is one of your major investments, we also develop reports that maximize inventory turns while minimizing expenditures.

Whether your retail business specializes in dry cleaning, apparel, fast food, pet boarding, hair, photography, landscaping, home improvement, or emergency service restoration, Core can handle your retail bookkeeping and accounting so you can focus on growing your retail business and getting more sales.

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