Effective Communication in Today’s Business Environment

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In today’s busy, fast paced business environment, people are used to instant results. This carries over into the way we communicate with each other. Instant communication manifests into instant satisfaction through texts and emails. But, today’s modern technologies tend to lend themselves to short, quick communication which doesn’t always include everything you want to convey or mean to convey.

I have found that it is also much more difficult to communicate with professional courtesy using these modern methods of communication. However, polite communication in our busy business environment is possible while still being direct and business-like. The problem is that people tend to easily forget common courtesy or don’t take the time and effort it takes to relay information in a professional manner through technology. Why? Because everyone is in such a hurry.

What steps can be taken to help ensure effective business communication?

  • Show respect through small courtesies such as using professional and appropriate language which helps build goodwill and strengthen relationships.
  • Use proper grammar and complete sentences when sending out emails and texts.
  • Return correspondence promptly, including phone calls, by remembering the 24-hour rule.
  • Listening is one of the most important aspects of effective communication when speaking on the phone or meeting in person. And, the secret to obtaining key information on how to sell your service is to stop talking and listen.
  • Send reminder emails before meetings and thank you emails after meetings to re-cap what was discussed to help set client expectations.
  • Communicate respect for a client’s time and availability by providing at least two meeting time options when scheduling an appointment.

As a sales professional, I have found that effective communication is key to gaining new clients as well as properly servicing and retaining existing clients. I would say that this is just as important as the price and quality of a product or service being offered. In business communication, one must be authentic by showing sincerity through words, expressions and actions. I believe that courteous, accurate, effective communication is the best recipe for success.