Bookkeeping and Accounting for Not-for-Profits

If you’re a not-for-profit organization looking for a bookkeeping and accounting firm that knows your world, Core Financial is your financial partner.  
  • Single or multiple grant management
  • Federal, state, or local grant award management
  • Operational expense accounting
  • Functional expense tracking

What we do for our clients

Build a More Successful Organization with Core

Not receiving the right financial data for your not-for-profit organization? At Core, our In-depth knowledge of the not-for-profit industry leads to the financial information your organization needs to be successful.


Get the Thorough Reporting Your Not-for-Profit Needs

As a not-for-profit organization, you need a detailed account of all money earned by or donated to your organization. Core Financial gives your not-for-profit organization detailed financial reporting tailored to your needs, restoring your peace of mind.

Our not-for-profit accounting and bookkeeping experts produce thorough financial reporting so your organization can focus on program delivery rather than compliance. For example, you’ll get the precise accounting of operational expenses you need to be in compliance for federal, state, and local grant awards.

Whether you’re a public charity, foundation, or private school or a religious or trade organization, Core will be there to provide timely, accurate financial information—when and how you need it.

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