Title Insurance and Escrow Accounting

Title Insurance and Escrow Agencies: Be Audit-Ready and Compliant with Core Financial

At Core Financial, our bookkeepers and accountants give busy title and escrow agents and real estate agents like you peace of mind.  
  • Escrow and trust reconciliation
  • Three-way bank reconciliation
  • Monthly reconciling
  • Insurance audits
  • Industry-specific software use

What we do for our clients

Core Knows the Title insurance and Escrow Industry

If you’re a title agent, lawyer or real estate agent who is tired of working with bookkeepers and accountants that know nothing about the title insurance and escrow industry, turn to Core Financial. We have bookkeeping and accounting professionals with extensive experience in the title insurance and escrow industry, and they lend that expertise to you.


Core Goes Beyond Standard Bank Reconciliations

Title agents, lawyers and real estate agencies need more than standard bank reconciliations. At Core, we’ll make sure you have solid, timely, three-way escrow/trust account reconciliations so you always know the status of each file.

In addition to performing three-way bank reconciliations, Core ensures your escrow accounts are reconciled monthly, in balance, and error free.

Our professionals are well-versed in software packages for the title, legal and real estate industries, which means we can perform all of your escrow and trust reconciliation work using your industry specific software.

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