Is There A Best Time To Network?

I have been networking for a very long time. In fact, most of my daily business activities consist of nothing but networking. Since my main responsibility is to develop new business, it is important for me to surround myself with like minded individuals who are also looking to develop strong, referral-based relationships with strategic business […]

The Missing Link

I’ve always said that small business owners are the hardest working individuals I know. Growing up, my Dad was a perfect example of just how much time, effort, sweat and money went into owning your own business. So, I know now that it was no mistake that I ended up working as a Small Business […]

Five Things That All Small Business Owners Need to Know

Over the years I have been blessed to work with great clients and colleagues in various industries and backgrounds. Last week a new client asked me what are the five things that all small business owners need to know. I thought about the usually replies of a business plan, clear purpose, surround yourself with great […]